In the summer of 2020, I started using Anabelí Brancusi as my professional name in an effort to find solace in the absence of my biological father. It occurred to me then that I had indeed needed him as a male role model in my life. I leaned spiritually towards Constantin Brancusi as a way to improve myself as a man and an artist. I thank all those who have accepted me as Anabelí Brancusi and to those who have not, thank you too.

Now I feel stronger than ever and realize from where I am today that my great living inspiration is my mother. As a tribute to her, I have decided to start using her name instead, so now I am Anabelí D González.

While my father left us, my mother took on the role of both mother and father. She fought for me and my brothers and did her very best in the circumstances she had. I dedicate my exhibition ”Madre” at Kaolin in Stockholm, 25 Feb – 15 March.