To marry art

Photo: Kushtrim Ternava

My Wedding with Clay, Sweden 2015

When I was a little girl I discovered the importance of clothing, maybe that’s why there is this saying: “Clothes make the man” (or the woman, in this case). My clothes always were either too old, or too wrinkled, or too big, or too small. I wanted to wear a uniform for this exhibit, just like I did when I went to school in Mexico.

It’s been three months of hard work, during which I have made my artist dreams come true. And I have been asked if I have time to be with my son, as if being a woman and an artist was a synonym of child neglect. As a woman, you don’t have too many options—you can be a mother, a wife, a daughter, a virgin or a whore. Society forces you choose one option. After considering my options, I did what I had to do: I married Ceramics, and this marriage – this spiritual pact with clay – will last forever.