VÄX!-Kalmar konstmuseum

Kalmar konstmuseum 2015


When I made the sculptures I call Venus at the Kalmar Art Museum I had no plan. My only goal was to see how big I could work with this coil building technique without the sculptures falling or collapsing. I made three monumental sculptures inspired by Venus of Willendorf.

It was after the exhibit that I gradually realized that  I had been in touch with my own fat woman.

I believe that inside every woman there is a big woman with a great composture and that fat woman is always latent, patiently waiting for the opportunity to come out into the open, gather forces and take a stand. The great majority of women, either consciously or unconsciously, play a survival role in our everyday life. We need to conceal our strength, our wrath, and our desire. Only in some subcultures and closed circles of female communities we have been able to embrace our courage. 

Jag har inspirerats av de urgamla fruktbarhetsgudinnorna som arkeologerna felaktigt kallas Venus statyetter. För mig representerar de här gamla kvinnliga statyetterna kreativitetens ursprung och vår kontakt med magin.

Mina skulpturer blir symboliska fetischer i mitt sökande efter frihet som människa. Att vara konstnär, kvinna och migrant kräver att jag frigör mig själv från attityder och mönster som behöver förändras.