This website is sometimes in Swedish and sometimes in English. I live in Sweden since the mid 90’s and I love the Swedish language, but for people outside Sweden I write in English.

I am born in 1975 in Mexico City. I studied Ceramics at the Academy of Design and Crafts (HDK) in Gothenburg and at Capellagården in Öland, Sweden. After graduating, I started a ceramic workshop in Piña Palmera, they work with the processes of rehabilitation and social inclusion for people with disabilities, most of them indigenous in the South of Mexico. In the rehabilitation center, I used clay from the riverside and built a wood-fired kiln and a wheel run by foot-power.

Mexican ceramics has always been a source of inspiration to me. Neolithic ceramics is another important source that I always return to. My relationship with pottery has developed throughout the years. I have gone from the pottery wheel and utilitarian ceramics to handbuilding sculptures.

151053-image-03-webbPhoto: Jonas Lindström